Unmatched Custom Dance Dresses

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Stand Out on the Dance Floor with a Glamorous Look  

In Star Dance Clothes we help woman Sparkle with Unmatched Custom Dresses that truly embody Style and Personality.

Star Dance Will Get You an Outstanding Custom Dress Within 90 Days 

Through Distance Process

Our working method guarantees a perfect fit dress regardless of where you are living

Personal Solutions

All our dresses are crafted to the detail for the body figure and personality of each dancer

Budget Friendly

The average price is 900/ 2100$ with the possibility to pay in
3 Installments or Credit Card

Commited to Greatness

You don't pay if you don't look amazing with your new dress

A Custom Dress will Change your Look 100%  Guaranteed

Step by Step we will analyze in detail your body figure and guide your through the entire process to accomplish a flattering look that will really make you stand out on the dance floor!

✔️  Personalized Dresses created by Expert Designers

✔️ No need of physical Trials due to our Virtual Working System

✔️ Strechy High Quality Fabrics & Brilliant Cystals specially chosen for the best Dancers

Get your Free Sketch
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Real Stories, Real Results

Read what our customers said about working with us and How Confident they feel wearing a Custom Dress from Star Dance Clothes

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Katy C.
It has been really easy to work with them and I felt absolutelly stunning on the floor with my new Custom Dress! 

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Becca A.
I have always wished to have a Custom Dress and I found Star Dance and made my Dream Design Come True


Carah W.
I am from Canada and I have already bought 3 Dresses from Star Dance. Fully recommend them!

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Jenni D.
Excellent Service and Really Effective, also perfectly adapted to my budget!

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Veronica R.
I got my dress perfectly on time and fits me perfect! Tottally love it! Much better than any other dress I had!

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We have a Perfect Distance Working Method to make you become a Gorgeous Woman on the Dance Floor

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Make the First Step Towards  a Stunning Custom Dress and Schedule your Free Sketch Design Call

Every Month we select a handful of people out of all the Free Sketch Requests. We only work with a limited number of Customers to maintain a 90 Days Dead-Line.

Aplly for your Free Sketch Through the Calendar, and make sure you tell us how can we help you!

The call and Free Sketch is ideal if you...

☑️ Want to visualize how better will you look with a Custom Dress.

☑️  Want to feel really comfortable dancing

☑️ Want to Stand Out on the dance floor

Customer Testimonials

See pictures of Customers that purchased Custom Dresses from Star Dance Clothes


Breezy C.
Love their customer service and how easy was to get a dress from them even if they are in Spain and I am in the US


Jane C.
hank you so much, Everyone complemented on the dress. Been referring you to my fellow dancers, I told them to look for you on Facebook (to get a free sketch) hoping to get them use you.


Tanya B.
After years of spending thousands of dollars on over decorated dresses, Star Dance helped me to find something more simplistic but super flattering and slenderizing


Angie Y
The first The tryout bodysuit was very loose but then I noticed that I didn’t measure myself good. Star Dance managed fix the issues and got a perfect dress!

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Katy C.
It has been really easy to work with them and I felt absolutelly stunning on the floor with my new Custom Dress! 


Great experience! they were always ready to answer any questions or concerns. Would but anything dress from them!


Ann H
First time I bough A dress with a belt and standard skirt and after one year I order one smooth skirt so that I can dance A.Smooth as well


This is the second dress I order from them and I have bought practice wear many times too. Love them all


I am in Croatia and First time that I bought a dress online from them and I am already designing another one! The team was professional, attentive, and delivered a stunning dress beyond expectations. Highly recommended.


I have tried many dresses from the vendors of the competitions but nothing was really convincing me. I came across one AD of Star Dance and they have studies my body type and requirements and sister me to create my beautiful dress. I DID REALLY STAND OUT ON THE FLOOR


Carah W.
I am from Canada and I have already bought 3 Dresses from Star Dance. Fully recommend them!

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Becca A.
I have always wished to have a Custom Dress and I found Star Dance and made my Dream Design Come True


Laura S.
The dress is absolutely beautiful! It fits perfectly! I received it one week before the deadline agreed💜 Thank you so much!! ✨💜✨ Stinging is stunning and I feel so beautiful!!


Heather B
I have always dreamed to have a beautiful dress that would complement my body and Star Dance Helped me with that


Luba F.
Happy, and after I danced with it I sent it back because I wanted to spend more money and add more crystals. I will update a picture once is finished again


Jacqueline L
I am in my 70's and dancing is my great passion and this is my second dress with Star Dance! I want a pantsuit that had many colors. And of course to flatter my body. Everything accomplished! Thank you!


Rie M.
Thank you so much for having this American Smooth dress available and sending it to us before the competition. She looked great in it!


Lena K
My daughter needed an outstanding dress for the Dutch National Championships and a friend told us about Star Dance, and my daughter explained them how she was envisioning the dress and they put everything together into a style that look good on her


Kelly B
I am from the USA and I was tired to look around for dresses that only look good on skinny dancers. Star Dance took the time to design something that represent my style and flatters my body type and provides me a slenderizing look


Ardita H
High quality dresses and they are really communicative. They like to pay attention to the details and I like that


Debbie S.
I did spend a bit more money than what I had in mind but it was really worth it


Ellen B.
At my age is difficult to find dresses and somehow I saw an AD of Star Dance and they helped me


Sabrina L.
I needed urgently a dress for my Show in China and in less than 3 weeks I already had it looking as I wanting and fitting perfect. And the dresses was representing perfectly my showcase


Sally Z
Loved my dress for the Ohio Star Ball


Laila G
I got a dress that follows the BYU rules


Katie E.
Nice experience! Recommend Star Dance to everyone looking for a dress. I got a much better deal than any of the physical shops that you can find around the US


Ellen G.
Love my new dress!


Angel B
I needed a dress urgently for my competition in Las Vegas and Star Dance finished it in less than one month!


Ekaterina P
From New Zealand! I had the perfect dress for my championship! Wish I could upload pictures of how my look improved from the past to this dress!


Mercedes L
I feel sexy but without being too revealing. It has been worth it to spend the money


Dawn Boss
It has always been challenging to find a dress that made me feel confident, but this time I am fully ready to compete


With my new dress I feel much more confident on the floor! And I love how it moves!


Sharon S.
It was really forth it the waiting to get this beautiful dress from Teo


Taina P.
I am happy that I could pay with installments because makes everything easier


Toni V
My daughter has a special body type and most of dresses make her look too busy, but this dress has been the best she ever had!


Juliane M
First time we used star dance was to get 15 bodysuits for our dance formation team. We like the work and I decided to get a nice dress for myself


I am from Atlanta and Our dance instructor recommended us Star Dance because they know a lot about dancing and they have created a dress that complements my body and dancing


Haley P.
This is my third dress from Star Dance


I am really happy that I bought a custom dress from Star Dance! It has been really easy and They have helped me through the process of creating a unique dress for me and my body type. I am already ordering a new Latin dress from them


Katherine D.

The Best Smooth Dress I have ever had!!


Kimiko S
I am in Japan and I needed a nice dress done with high quality fabrics and crystals. I was surprised that they used a bodysuit to make sure the fit will be good! But it actually works perfectly! And the dress is really nice!


Angela H
I just got my dress and I am surprised how good it fits and looks. The tryout bodysuit felt very loose but the dress fits like a glove! And delivered one week before my competition

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